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Between 2008 and 2020, Garden State Legacy published 50 issues of a free quarterly online magazine dedicated to New Jersey history. The entire body of work - 271 articles, videos, and other media - can be accessed below! 

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Reproduction and Reuse Policies 
All the content on his page is ©2024 Garden State Legacy.
While GSL wants to make it as accessible to as many people as possible, there are also some basic rules regarding reproduction or other uses. These are shown below. If you are not sure if a certain use is permitted, please email me first.

- Share for free the PDF files or links complete and unaltered so that the credits citing the author(s) and source are included.
- Quote short parts from the articles in any form, provided the author(s) and source is clearly identified and cited. 

- Charge any fee and/or otherwise restrict access to the PDF file without prior written consent of GSL and/or the author(s).
- Reproduce any content substantially or in full in any form without prior written consent of GSL and/or the author(s).

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In 2020, in honor of the centennial anniversary of ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment that enfranchised women, GSL worked with Carol Simon Levin to create an issue dedicated to the Women's Suffrage Movement in New Jersey. It was suggested it should be a permanent feature of the GSL website.

Access to this body of work is free. However, if you learned something, were entertained, or simply appreciate the opportunity to explore all this information, please consider making a financial donation to support GSL. Thank you!