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Double Trouble Village

Pinelands Industries

Lost Towns of the Pine Barrens

Andrew Anderson is the historian at Double Trouble Village State Historic Site at Double Trouble State Park. He is available to speak to your Adult, College, and High School groups most weeks Tuesday through Saturday mornings and early afternoons. Additional days and times may be arranged based on availability.

NEED: Screen, Electric Outlet

FEE: $50

TRAVEL: 25 miles of Bayville, NJ


New Jersey Methodists, camp meeting revivalism, religious resorts on the Jersey Shore, immigrant colonies in the Pine Barrens, historical Bayshore resorts.

Samuel Avery-Quinn is a University College Senior Lecturer at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. He is the author of Cities of Zion: The Holiness Movement and Methodist Camp Meeting Towns in America and multiple articles on American religious history and historical landscapes. Having grown up in Vineland, his New Jersey research has included work in Methodist camp meeting communities, speculative towns in the Pine Barrens, early 20th-century immigrant settlements, and the resort histories of Bayshore communities. 

NEED: None, table for laptop

FEE: Negotiable 

TRAVEL: Throughout NJ



The Delaware and Raritan Canal

Celebrate New Jersey

New Jersey: The Invention State

Alice Paul and the Fight for Suffrage

New Jersey Originals

A lifelong resident of the Garden State, Linda Barth has been a fan of New Jersey for a long time. As a fourth-grade teacher, she tried to focus students' attention on the positive aspects of our state. Linda has written two books on the D&R Canal and three children's picture books: "Bridgetenders Boy," "Hidden New Jersey," and "Alice Paul: Champion of Women’s Suffrage." She has also written "A History of Inventing in New Jersey: From Thomas Edison to the Ice Cream Cone" and "New Jersey Originals."

NEED: Screen, Lectern, Electric Outlet, Table for displaying books and table for the projector/computer

BOOKS: The Delaware and Raritan Canal ($20); Hidden New Jersey (paperback $10; hard cover $19); A History of Inventing in New Jersey: From Edison to the Ice Cream Cone ($20); Bridgetender's Boy (paperback, $12; hard cover $20); New Jersey Originals: Technological Marvels, Odd Inventions, Trailblazing Characters & More (History Press, 2018); Alice Paul ($15)

FEE: Negotiable

TRAVEL: 100 miles of Somerville, NJ


Keynote speaker for Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Vietnam Veterans Day, or any military recognition program

How to publish and promote a nonfiction book

Personal perspectives on the Vietnam war after 50+ Years

Humorous stories from the Vietnam war

Honor Flights, PeaceTrees Vietnam, GoldStar Mothers

Leadership and the military; What it's like to lead young men in combat

Robin Bartlett grew up in a military family. His grandfather, father, and brother all attended West Point, but after thirteen elementary and middle schools and four high schools, he decided he’d had enough of the military. But in college, as the Vietnam war escalated and eighteen-year-olds were drafted daily, Bartlett joined his college’s ROTC program and fell back into a familiar routine. Upon graduation as a Distinguished Military Graduate he volunteered for Infantry, Airborne, and Ranger training, and was assigned to the famed 82d Airborne Division. He got everything he asked for…and more. He was ordered to Vietnam and spent seven months leading 30 men as a combat infantry platoon leader in I Corps along the DMZ on search and destroy missions with the 1st Cavalry Division. His subsequent staff assignment was as the Division Historian. The unit's motto was: "You fight it, we write it."

Bartlett has spent most of his civilian career in the publishing field, marketing and selling textbooks, online journals, and medical databases. He worked for Prentice-Hall Publishers as a salesman and Marketing Director and for various publishers in sales, marketing, and editorial positions. He is a long-standing member of the Independent Book Publishing Association (IBPA) and was the Director of Education for the organization.

Bartlett holds a MA in Media from Pace University in NYC and a BA degree in Comparative Literature from Claremont McKenna College in California. He has written numerous business publications and a previous professional book published by Dun & Bradstreet.

He is the President of the NY/NJ Chapter of the 1st Cavalry Division Association, and a proud member of the 82d Airborne Division Association. He and his wife live in Norwood, New Jersey and have three sons none of whom have pursued military careers.

NEED: Lectern, Electric Outlet, Table

BOOKS: "Vietnam Combat: Firefights and Writing History" Will have discounted autographed copies available for sale

FEE: None within the tri-state area: NY, NJ, CT

TRAVEL: No fee within the tri-state area: NY, NJ, CT

VIRTUAL: Yes (Zoom and Teams)

New Jersey's Civil War Experience, including books by the NJ Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee, as well as others, including a history of NJ's African-American Civil War soldiers and the recently published "350 Years of New Jersey History: From Stuyvesant to Sandy"

Joseph G. Bilby received his BA and MA degrees in history from Seton Hall University and served as a lieutenant in the First Infantry Division in Vietnam in 1966-1967. Mr. Bilby is retired from the New Jersey Department of Labor and currently part time Assistant Curator of the New Jersey National Guard and Militia Museum in Sea Girt, New Jersey and a free lance writer and historical consultant. He is the author, editor or co-author of seventeen books and over 400 articles on New Jersey history and folklore, military history and Outdoor subjects in both Internet and print venues, has lectured widely on those subjects and is a columnist for The Civil War News and New Jersey Sportsmen News. He is publications editor for the New Jersey Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee and editor of and contributor to the award-winning New Jersey Goes to War, a book on 150 of the state’s Civil War era personalities and New Jersey’s Civil War Odyssey, an anthology of New Jersey Civil War essays covering the period between the 1850sand the 1961 centennial. Both books were published by the official New Jersey Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee. He is also co-author of “Hidden History of New Jersey,” “350 Years of New Jersey History: From Stuyvesant to Sandy” and, most recently “Hidden History of New Jersey at War.”

NEED: Screen, Lectern, Electric Outlet

BOOKS: "New Jersey Goes to War" and "New Jersey's Civil War Odyssey" NJ Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee $20 each; "Freedom to All: New Jersey's African-American Civil War Soldiers"; Longstreeet House $20; "350 Years of New Jersey History: From Stuyvesant to Sandy” $20 Hidden History of New Jersey at War” $20; "A History of Submarine Warfare Along the Jersey Shore" $21.99

FEE: $150-$300

TRAVEL: 25 miles of Wall Twp., NJ


Wicked Woodbridge & Crazy Carteret: Vice in New Jersey’s Oldest Township”

“The Wreck of The Broker” (1951 Woodbridge train wreck)

To Cast a Freedman’s Vote: How a handyman from Perth Amboy made Civil Rights history." (Thomas Mundy Peterson)

Made By My Own Hand: Exploring New Jersey's folk grave marker tradition" (with Stephanie M. Hoagland),

“Pinpointing Parker’s Print Shop” (James Parker)

Gordon Bond is an independent historian, author, and lecturer. He is the founder of He also runs his own freelance graphic designs business, Gordon Bond Designs.

NEED: Screen, Lectern, Electric Outlet, Table

BOOKS: ";To Cast a Freedman's Vote': Thomas Mundy Peterson at the Intersection of Suffrage, Citizenship, and Civil Rights" $20, "Man Failure: The Story of New Jersey's Deadliest Train Wreck" $30, "Hidden History of North Jersey," Hidden History of South Jersey," "Wicked Woodbridge & Crazy Carteret," $20

FEE: $300

TRAVEL: 50 miles of Newark, NJ


"Burlington County: Rooted in Agriculture"

"Cambell's Soup Company: More Than Just Soup"

"Robert Mill, architect"

"Ellis Parker and the Lindbergh Kidnapping"

"Burlington County and the American Revolution"

"Margaret Morris: Diary of 1776-1777"

"Samuel Leeds Allen: Inventor"

"The Jersey Devil"

"Victorian Holiday Traditions"

Marisa Bozarth has a B.A. in history from Lebanon Valley College, PA. She is the museum curator of history for Burlington County and her topics focus mainly on Burlington County, although many appeal to a wider New Jersey audience.

NEED: Screen, Electrical Outlet

FEE: None

TRAVEL: 50 miles of Mount Holly, NJ


Celebrating the Jersey Shore

New Jersey Shipwrecks

Great Storms of the Jersey Shore

"Josephine" (Photographs and reading from "Josephine: from Washington Working Girl to Fisherman's Wife. A Memoir 1917-1959)

Margaret Thomas Buchholz published The Beachcomber Newspaper on Long Beach Island for 35 years, then sold it to Jersey Shore Newsmagazines and continued as editor. This allowed her time to write. She is co-author of "Great Storms of the Jersey Shore" (1993 & 2019), which The New York Times called "one of the best documented compendiums ever published of what it meant to be there." She edited "Shore Chronicles: Diaries and Travelers' Tales from the Jersey Shore 1764-1955" (1999), "a real eye-opener," as described by Booklist. She is the author of "New Jersey Shipwrecks: 350 Years in the Graveyard of the Atlantic" (2004), which won the Foundation for Coast Guard History award, "a brilliantly researched chronicle of shipwrecks," Island Album: Photographs and Memories of Long Beach Island" (2006), "Josephine: From Washington Working Girl to Fisherman's Wife" (2012), "a luminous biography of a spirited woman and her journey through the first half of the 20th century.” She also edited the anthologies "Long Beach Island Reader” (2015) and "Long Beach Island Chronicles” (2018), (all Down The Shore Publishing). Her essays about the Jersey Shore have also been included in the anthologies "Four Seasons at the Shore" and "Shore Stories."

NEED: Projector, Screen, Lectern, Electric Outlet

BOOKS: See biography

FEE: Negotiable

TRAVEL: Throughout NJ

VIRTUAL: Yes. “Great Storms of the Jersey Shore” available together with Scott Mazzella, who updated book in 2019.


The German American Bund and the Nazi Spy from NJ – While researching his thesis topic, the German American Bund, he came across documents regarding a resident of Glen Rock in Bergen County NJ named Carl Schiphorst who lived there during the 1930s. He was a leader of the Bergen County Unit of the Bund as well as the target of a 145 page FBI investigation suspecting Schiphorst of being a Nazi agent. A thrilling story about the German American Bund, the FBI investigation, internment, and ultimate repatriation to Germany, a story which illustrates the plight of thousands of German families during WWII. Includes Nazi espionage activities in NJ.

The Hindenburg Disaster – An examination of the history of airships, the Hindenburg Disaster, the investigations and theories. Rare historical photos and an in depth look at a topic everyone has heard of but rarely have explored the details.

The Charles Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping – An examination of the crime, investigation, trial and execution including theories and conspiracies from a unique law enforcement perspective. Go beyond the headlines.

German Espionage and Sabotage During WWI – An examination of German activities during WWI in the greater NJ and NY areas including the Kingsland Explosion in Lyndhurst and the Black Tom Explosion at Jersey City. A thrilling spy tale.

German Espionage and Sabotage During WWII – An in depth examination of German espionage in the NJ and NY areas during WW2 including suspected sabotage at the Hercules Powder Plant in Roxbury, Operation Pastorius where 8 saboteurs were dropped off the US coast by Nazi Submarines and other spy stories that are sure to entertain.

When American Invaded Russia – An exciting examination of the American Expeditionary Forces in North Russia, also known as The Polar Bear Expedition, and the AEF in Siberia. Towards the end of WWI, American troops entered Russia as part of the Allied Intervention in the Russian Civil War. AEF troops were sent to Siberia and northern Russia and saw action against Bolshevik forces. Explore this fascinating yet little known story of direct conflict between the two world superpowers.

Genealogy and Historic Investigations – This is a multi-part class on genealogy and family history research from an investigative perspective. Learn outside the box thinking and approaches to genealogy from a historian with over 25 years of investigative experience. This class can be modified to cover the very basics of using Ancestry and starting a family tree to more experienced topics such as tackling brick walls and deep dives into getting the most out of historical and genealogical records.  

James Calaski completed his undergraduate studies at William Paterson University of New Jersey in 1998. He served with the Glen Rock New Jersey Police Department for over twenty years, receiving numerous awards and citations. He continued his studies and received a Master of Arts degree in History at William Paterson University of New Jersey in May 2013.

While researching his thesis topic, the German American Bund, he came across documents regarding a resident of Glen Rock named Carl Schiphorst who lived there during the 1930s. He was a leader of the Bergen County Unit of the Bund as well as the target of a 145 page FBI investigation suspecting Schiphorst of being a Nazi agent. D/Sgt. Calaski has been researching Carl Schiphorst, his investigation, internment, and ultimate repatriation to Germany, a story which illustrates the plight of thousands of German families during WWII.

D/Sgt. Calaski first presented his findings to the public in conjunction with the Glen Rock Historical & Preservation Society in April 2015 and has been presenting to Historical Societies, libraries, civic organizations and other groups ever since with very positive reviews. His lecture is always in demand and in 2020 he began presenting virtually due to the pandemic. He is available in person or virtually for groups and sometimes lectures through the Ridgewood Community School, where individuals can register for his class at an individual rate.

In 2023, he expanded his lecture topics to include The Hindenburg Disaster and an examination of the Charles Lindbergh baby kidnapping, investigation and trial. As a historian with over 25 years of law enforcement and investigative experience, James Calaski brings a unique and entertaining perspective to historic lectures and examinations of a range of topics that include military, espionage, crimes and genealogy. New presentations are in development and should be available in 2024. 

NEED: Projector, Screen, Electric Outlet

FEE: $250 plus travel expenses

TRAVEL: Travel fees over 10 miles from Wyckoff, NJ


Kate Macy Ladd, Natirar, The Kate Macy Ladd Convalescent Home, Far Hills, NJ

Meryl Carmel is a writer, historian, and nature lover. She was wholly unprepared for the perfect storm that developed when her three lifelong interests collided in 2007, never anticipating that her visit to the Somerset County Park called “Natirar” would lead to ten years of research in pursuit of the little-known story of New Jersey philanthropist Kate Macy Ladd.

The author’s work literally involved finding Kate’s living descendants as well as the descendants of some of her most devoted employees, a quest which took her to many far flung locations. Her travels made it possible to gain access to an array of family photographs, letters, diaries, and memorabilia; she also discovered her own unlikely link to Kate.

An enthusiastic gardener and explorer, Carmel is a former teacher, curriculum specialist, and museum director with degrees from Beloit and Edgewood Colleges in Wisconsin and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Her graduate studies emphasized the role of women in our nation’s past. 

NEED: Screen, Lectern, Electric Outlet

BOOKS: "Finding Kate, the Unlikely Journey of 20th Century Healthcare Advocate Kate Macy Ladd"

FEE: $150-$200

TRAVEL: Consider most locations; travel expenses commensurate with distance



History of Athletics (All Sports)

History of Education (Colleges/Universities)

Catholic New Jersey

Irish New Jersey

French New Jersey

Radio History, etc.

Alan Delozier currently works as University Archivist and Special Collections Education Coordinator - Seton Hall University; Executive Director - New Jersey Catholic Historical Commission; State Historian - New Jersey Ancient Order of Hibernians, and Vice President of the South Orange Historical Preservation Society.

NEED: Screen, Electric Outlet

BOOKS: Seton Hall Pirates - A Basketball History (Charleston, SC: Arcadia, 2002) and Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark (Charleston, SC: Arcadia, 2011)

FEE: Negotiable



In Flew Enza: The 1918 Flu Epidemic in Philadelphia and New Jersey

When There Were Witches: An Exploration of the Salem Witch Trials (can include audience participation in a witch examination)

Mickey DiCamillo, president of the Historical Society of Moorestown, is a research librarian and archivist who has served in some of the region's most renown institutions including The Historical Society of Pennsylvania and the University of Pennsylvania's Lippincott Library. He has published reviews in the Journal of Film and History, has written for the Encyclopedia of Philadelphia, and has delivered lectures for audiences large and small. He keeps audiences engaged with a flair for story telling and a focus on the artifacts that help us understand how history is created.

NEED: None

FEE: $150-$250

TRAVEL: 60 miles of Moorestown, NJ



Offers a series of lectures focusing on the founding of our country. Among the most popular are:

The Man…The State…The War...A Revolutionary Trifecta! General Washington orders you to book this lecture!

From 1783 through the French Revolution to The War of 1812. We rebelled…we fought…we won…now what?

Part two: LIFE AND DEATH - Health and medicine in Colonial America
Part three: OUR COUNTRY’S FIRST LADIES (and First Mother)

Mark Twain once said, “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.” In this lecture we look at iconic events and people from the American Revolution to see if our memory is reality or just a real good story!

The founding of our country as seen through the eyes of the artist. With an over 100 photo feast for the eyes, an information feat for the brain, and even a little singing feast for the ears—even if you can’t carry a tune!

Encompasses the Magna Carta, The French and Indian War, declaring independence, the Revolutionary War, the French Revolution, Napoleon, and the War of 1812

We celebrate Thanksgiving every November, but do you really know why? This lecture will answer all of your questions including: Who were the Pilgrims and why did they sail on the Mayflower? What’s the real story behind Thanksgiving? What does Henry VIII (yes, the one with all the wives) have to do with any of this? And…what’s with the turkey?

Full a full description on any of the above lectures, contact Joel using the "Contact" button below or call


Joel Farkas is a graduate of The Ohio State University (Go Bucks!) He is a retired business owner and was an officer in The United States Army. He currently is a volunteer docent for The National Park Service at Washington’s Headquarters in Morristown. As a hobby, Joel collects autographs and has original paper, documents, etc., signed by many of our country’s founders.


My Mission
To motivate you to learn more about the founding of our country, the people and events that impacted and shaped the world we live in today. I want to prove to you that history does matter.

My Method
Interesting, enjoyable, inspiring, thought provoking, entertaining, “fun” lectures

What Audiences Have Said
“That was really interesting”
“You mean that’s not true?”
“I never knew that”
“Now I understand”
“So that’s what that was all about”
“Aha! I get it!”
“Tell me more”

We can effect a better future by knowing and understanding our past.

“The past is NOT dead! In fact, it’s not even past.”  William Faulkner

NEED: Electrical outlet-if in person or Hybrid; Zoom invite - if virtual or hybrid

FEE: In Person - starting at $150.00
Virtual - $135.00
Hybrid - starting at $175.00


VIRTUAL: Yes and Hybrid


Amazing New Jersey, People and Places of the Garden State

American History & Holiday Myths

The Hartshornes of Hathern: English Origins of some New Jersey Founding Families

Hidden History of Monmouth County, NJ

Historical Maritime Events along the New Jersey Coast

The Lenape/Munsee Peoples & European Settlers in New Jersey

Lost Amusement Parks of the North Jersey Shore

The Morris’s: New Jersey Founding Family

The Mystery of the 1777 Battle of Navesink

Quakers & Slavery in New Jersey

Reconciliation & Renewal in Today's America

Simon Lake & John Holland – New Jersey’s Submarine Inventors

Stories of Slavery in New Jersey

Underground Rail Road in New Jersey

William Penn, New Jersey Proprietor and Quaker Slaveholder

Rick Geffken has authored numerous articles on New Jersey history for local newspapers, magazines, historical societies, and newsletters on various aspects of New Jersey.

He is a Trustee of the Shrewsbury Historical Society; a Board member of Truehart Productions; a project advisor for the Board of the Asbury Park Museum; a Trustee and founding member of the Friends of Cedar View; Past-president and Trustee of the Jersey Coast Heritage Museum at Sandlass House; an advisor for the Tinton Falls Historic Preservation Commission; and advisor to the Monmouth County Historical Association.

Rick taught classes on New Jersey enslavement for Monmouth University and Brookdale Community College. He is part of a project called the New Jersey Slavery Records Index under the auspices of Rutgers University.

Recently, Rick was recognized with awards for his major contributions to the preservation and knowledge of Monmouth County history. 

NEED: HDMI, screen, electric connection

"The Story of Shrewsbury Revisited, 1965-2015"

"Lost Amusement Parks of the North Jersey Shore"

"Highland Beach, Gateway to the Jersey Shore, 1888-1962"

"Hidden History of Monmouth County"

"To Preserve & Protect, profiles of people who recorded the history and heritage of Monmouth County, NJ"

"Stories of Slavery in New Jersey" (History Press, 2021)

FEE: $300

TRAVEL: within NJ

VIRTUAL: Available upon request

NEW JERSEY in the CIVIL WAR: Fiction versus Fact. Did New Jersey back the Confederates?

NEW JERSEY'S MODERN GOVERNORS: The Track Record since 1945. Were the governors a bunch of nonenities?

THE AMERICAN COWBOY: Myth versus Reality. Was the cowboy a superman?

VIOLENCE on the FRONTIER: Reputation versus Reality. Was the frontier West torn by violence?  

Bill Gillette graduated from Georgetown; received his M.A. from Columbia; and earned a Ph.D. from Princeton. His first book, The Right To Vote: Politics and the Passage of the Fifteenth Amendment, explored the effort of the Republican Congress to grant voting rights to African Americans in the border states and northern states. The second book, Retreat from Reconstruction, 1869-1879, traced how the federal government under presidents Ulysses Grant and Rutherford Hayes and most northerners gave up on the northern effort to reform the South. The third book, Jersey Blue: Civil War Politics in New Jersey, 1854-1865, examined the role of New Jerseyans in coping with the challenges of civil war. Gillette received several prizes for various publications. In addition, Gillette was a Fulbright exchange professor in Austria, Japan, and Russia. He served in the United States Army in South Korea. He taught at Rutgers for forty-eight years and is now retired. His courses included Civil War and Reconstruction, New Jersey History, and the American Frontier West.

NEED: None


FEE: $150-250

TRAVEL: N.J.; + mileage


Progressive era education, esp manual training programs, Bordentown Manual Training and Industrial School, John Dewey and W.E.B. Du Bois: Icons of Education, NJ historian Marion Thompson Wright, Grimkes in New Jersey (under development)

Connie Goddard., Ph.D., is a journalist and historian of education with a particular interest in progressive era reforms. She has taught in colleges, schools, and prisons in Chicago, New Jersey, and Romania. Currently, she is writing about three distinctive manual training schools circa 1900 in Chicago, New Jersey, and North Dakota. 

NEED: Projector, Screen

FEE: Negotiable

TRAVEL: 50 - 60 miles depending


Owning New Jersey - The role of land and land ownership in the development of the Colony & State

Good Deeds and Bad Deeds - Using land records in Genealogical Research

Georgia of the North - African American Land Ownership in the Antebellum Period

Public Burials on Private Grounds - Ancient cemeteries and burial rights

Housing Discrimination in New Jersey, If these Walls Could Talk - Researching House Histories

Land Records Clinic - How to Use the County Clerk's Records

The Cartographer's Apprentice - Maps and Mapping in New Jersey

Individualized Custom Program focused on local land record history

Joe Grabas is a Professional Educator, Speaker, Land Title Expert, Historian and Author of the award winning book, Owning New Jersey. Having spent almost 4 decades researching real property records, he brings a unique perspective to historical discourse. He is recognized locally and nationally as a Certified Title Professional and Forensic Expert in matters relating to real estate. Mr. Grabas serves on the NJ Tidelands Resource Council and as an Historical Commissioner for the County of Monmouth.

NEED: Electric Outlet

BOOKS: Owning New Jersey: Historic Tales of War, Property Disputes & the Pursuit of Happiness. The History Press $20.00

FEE: Negotiable

TRAVEL: Everywhere; Expenses Negotiable



Long Branch, New Jersey in the Golden Age when presidents, entertainers, business tycoons and vacationers visited this beautiful city by the sea. Mary Todd Lincoln visited in 1861, President Ulysses Grant owned a summer cottage and President Garfield came here to recuperate from bullet wounds inflicted by an assassin. He died in the Eleron section of the city as death knolls rang from the nearby St. James Chapel, now called the Church of the Presidents.

Sharon Hazard is a New Jersey-based author/researcher specializing in historical topic. She is a member of the Author's Guild and the American Society of Professiona Journalists and Authors.

NEED: Projector, Screen, Lectern

BOOKS: Long Branch in the Golden Age, Tales of Famous and Fascinating People; The City Beyond the Bluff, the Life and Times of Long Branch; Historic Photos of Newark.

FEE: $300

TRAVEL: anywhere in New Jersey or New York


The Lehigh Valley Railroad Across New Jersey, The Railroad Navy of New York Harbor

In 2009, Ralph A. Heiss wrote the book, "The Lehigh Valley Railroad Across New Jersey", published by Arcadia under their "Images of America" series. Ralph frequently gives presentations at various Prototype Railroad Modeling conventions across the Northeast, and is currently working on a second book about the Lehigh Valley Railroad in New Jersey.

NEED: Screen, Lectern, Electric Outlet

BOOKS: The Lehigh Valley Railroad Across New Jersey, Arcadia Publishing, 2009

FEE: Negotiable

TRAVEL: 30 miles of South Plainfield, NJ


The 1913 Paterson Silk Strike

Evelyn M. Hershey is the Education Director of the American Labor Museum/Botto House National Landmark, whose mission is to advance public understanding of the history of work, workers and the labor movement, with special attention to the ethnicity and immigrant experience of American workers. Evelyn earned a BA and MA from Rutgers University.

NEED: None

BOOKS: Around Haledon: Immigration and Labor by Angelica M. Santomauro and Evelyn M. Hershey, Arcadia Publishing, 2008.

FEE: $100

TRAVEL: New Jersey & Metropolitan Area


History of Picatinny Arsenal

Archaeology of Picatinny Arsenal

How to do Archaeology

Archaeology Basics

Cultural Resource Management

Historic Preservation

Section 106 Basics

Jason J. Huggan, R.P.A. is the Env. Affairs Division Chief and Garrison Archaeologist for Picatinny Arsenal. He works within the Directorate of Public Works. He has been with Picatinny for 13+ years and prior to this held similar Cultural Resource positions at Fort Lee, VA and Fort Irwin, CA. Mr. Huggan has his Master's degree in Archaeology and Heritage from the University of Leicester, UK and has worked in over 15 states across the continental U.S. with over 15 yrs of experience in cultural resource management.

NEED: Screen, Lectern, Electric Outlet

FEE: Negotiable

TRAVEL: 50-75 miles of East Bangor, PA

VIRTUAL: Would consider it with enough notification to prepare virtual presentation


Focus on local and regional histories of African Americans in the Delaware Valley.

James E. Johnson, PhD specializes in American History, African American Studies, and Social Studies Teacher Education.

NEED: Screen, Podium, Electric Outlet, Internet Access

FEE: Negotiable

TRAVEL: 50 miles of Province, NJ



[Many lectures include elements that are customized to the local audience]

The Secret Identity of Rosie the Riveter

Comic Books & Propaganda on the US Home Front in World War II

The American Flag, the Magazine Industry, & National Unity in World War II

Roosevelt, Rockwell, & the Four Freedoms: How a Slip of the Tongue Inspired Artists & Changed the World

Visual Obsessions on the Home Front: Willie Gillis, Mary & Jane, & the Kid in Upper 4 Go to War

Red Heartland: The Strange Day when the United States Lost the Cold War

Bijits, Whammies, & Widgets: The Invasion of Gremlins on the US Home Front, 1942-1943

Graphic War Imagery for the American Home Front: Making the Case for Sacrifice in World War II

The US Home Front & the War of Steel, 1941-1945

James J. Kimble (PhD, University of Maryland) is Professor of Communication & the Arts at Seton Hall University. He is an expert on domestic propaganda, war rhetoric, and visual imagery. His research on the World War II era has reached a worldwide media audience of over 1.2 billion people in more than a dozen languages.

Professor Kimble curated the Norman Rockwell Museum’s major international exhibition "Enduring Ideals: Rockwell, Roosevelt & the Four Freedoms"; hundreds of thousands of visitors visited the show, including eighty members of Congress.

Named a Distinguished Honor Graduate of the US Army’s Chaplain Center and School, Kimble has also served as a Fulbright Scholar in Croatia and as a Senior Fellow at the Rockwell Center for American Visual Studies.

He is an experienced public lecturer at libraries, service groups, museums, book clubs and historical societies. His many research projects include the books "Mobilizing the Home Front: War Bonds and Domestic Propaganda" and "Prairie Forge: The Extraordinary Story of the Nebraska Scrap Metal Drive of World War II," as well as the feature documentary "Scrappers: How the Heartland Won World War II." His most recent book, co-edited with Trischa Goodnow, is called "The 10¢ War: Comic Books, Propaganda, and World War II." He is also a poet as well as the founding editor of the academic journal Home Front Studies.

Enthusiastic references from previous lecture hosts available upon request.

NEED: Projector, screen, lectern, AC outlet

BOOKS: See biography

FEE: $200-$300 for in-person presentations (negotiable in some cases), $150 for virtual presentations

TRAVEL: Central and northern NJ, elsewhere negotiable

VIRTUAL: Absolutely

The New Jersey Cranberry, Blueberries- New Jersey's Wonder Fruit , The Jersey Tomato, Apples - Dumplings, Cider and Jack , Corn - Simply A-Maize-ing , Fun & Food Along the Jersey Shore , The New Jersey Greenwich Tea Party , Strawberry Fields in New Jersey , NJ's Agricultural Inventions, Innovations, and Discoveries

Judith Krall-Russo presents her food and tea history programs in a storytelling fashion. Whether she is speaking about the Jersey tomato, blueberries or her beloved beverage, tea, Judith weaves humor and anecdotes throughout the presentation. The audience is unaware that they are learning and leave feeling entertained and inspired.

Many of her listeners comment on how they are motivated to pull out those long forgotten cook books, discover new recipes, or purchase a new teapot in order to brew some loose leaf tea for close friends.

Judith Krall-Russo, historian, educator, speaker, and cook continually adds to her program list and enriches her programs through attending classes, research, and interviewing experts in their field.

NEED: Lectern, Electric Outlet

FEE: Negotiable

TRAVEL: 65 miles of Fords, NJ



1920 Tea Rooms (Maizie Brews a Business)

Community Cookbooks: A Civil War Legacy (illustrated lecture w/wo PowerPoint)

Flag over the Schoolhouse (First Person Presentation or lecture available)

Practical & Pretty: The History of Aprons (interactive presentation)

Maureen O'Connor Leach was born and raised in Greenwich Village, NYC . She is a graduate of Hunter College High School , earned a BA in History from Hunter College and a Juris Doctor from Brooklyn Law School. After practicing as an attorney, she turned to her love of history as a career. For nearly 20 years she has been a historic interpreter and museum administrator. Currently she is a presenter as well as a consultant to historic sites and cultural institutions Maureen is a member of the Monmouth County Historical Commission. Alternate email

NEED: Projector Screen, Electric Outlet

FEE: Negotiable

TRAVEL: Anywhere in NJ; Travel Expenses Depending on Distance


Ten Moral Moments in the Life of Abraham Lincoln

The Rise of Lincoln

John & Abigail Adams: A Love Story

FDR & The Women who Loved Him

The Crossing: 1776

10 Days That Saved America

The Life & Murder of President James A. Garfield

The Real Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962: The day we all almost died

Gettysburg: 15 Decisions That doomed the confederacy.

Glenn LeBoeuf has been a History/Biography lecturer since 1984. References gladly provided. Specializing in Lincoln & Washington's character.

Spoke to J&J, Prudential & Morgan Stanley execs. 

NEED: None

FEE: $250

TRAVEL: 50 miles of Lincroft, NJ , greater negotiable


BRIDGE BUILDER IN PETTICOATS: Emily Warren Roebling and the Brooklyn Bridge

NOBODY OWNS THE SKY: Fascinating Stories of Forgotten Female Aviators

A W.A.S.P. TAKES WING: The Women Airforce Pilots of World War II

"CRAZY DAISY" Juliette Gordon Low, Intrepid Founder of the Girl Scouts


REMEMBERING THE LADIES: From Patriots in Petticoats to Presidential Candidates


RECLAIMING OUR VOICE: New Jersey's Overlooked Role in the Fight for Woman Suffrage

OUR RIGHTS TOO! Overlooked Women of Color in the Fight for Women's Rights

Carol Simon Levin is an author, storyteller and program presenter based in Bedminster N.J.

Whether she is impersonating the woman who helped to build the Brooklyn Bridge, pioneering women in aviation, the founder of the Girl Scouts, or the many tireless champions who fought for women's rights in this country, or engaging families in a rousing Halloween Hootenanny of songs and stories, Carol always strives to create exciting programs that engage her audience's interests and expand their horizons.

She specializes in women's history and the history of technology and is the author of Remembering the Ladies: From Patriots in Petticoats to Presidential Candidates and the Garden State Legacy article "Reclaiming Our Voice: NJ's Role in the Fight for Woman Suffrage."

She is happy to bring her presentations to libraries, senior centers, historical societies, and women's clubs as well as schools, camps and other venues. For more information, check out her website Additional programs and resources for children and teachers can be found at:

Carol Simon Levin is a member of the New Jersey Storytelling Guild, the New Jersey Library Association, and the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

NEED: Screen or TV Monitor, Electrical Outlet

BOOKS: "Remembering the Ladies: From Patriots in Petticoats to Presidential Candidates" and the Garden State Legacy article "Reclaiming Our Voice: NJ's Role in the Fight for Woman Suffrage" -- links to both at

FEE: $125 plus travel

TRAVEL: Flexible, Depending on Distance


Neighborhood Nukes - The Nike Missile Program and New Jersey's Cold War Legacy

Richard Lewis has been a photographer since the 1970's and has been photographing abandoned historic sites including cold war Nike missile batteries that were located around the state of New Jersey. Their purpose was to defend Philadelphia and New York City from atomic bombs delivered by Russian bombers. Learn the history of the US Army's Nike Missile program and what it was like to serve on one of these batteries through interviews with veterans who served in the program and photographs of surviving abandoned bases.

NEED: Screen, Electric Outlet

FEE: Negotiable

TRAVEL: 50 miles of Medford, NJ



RCA Labs and 6 Inventions that Changed the World

David Sarnoff, RCA, and the American Century

Inventive Spaces at RCA

A Life History of Television

What We Assumed about Wireless before Titanic

How Frankenstein went Electric

A Scientist under Suspicion: Vladimir Zworykin, the FBI, and the Politics of High Technology

Dr. Alexander Magoun, outreach historian for the IEEE History Center in Piscataway, is one of the world's leading authorities on the histories of RCA and consumer electronics, from phonographs to televisions. Starting with his dissertation on the evolution of the phonograph record and continuing with ten years of directing the David Sarnoff Library in Princeton, he has researched their significant connections to the Garden State, and the many connections between New Jersey and U.S. and global history. Dr. Magoun has written and lectured extensively for a wide range of audiences, from middle school students and retirees to engineers and scholars, in ten states and eleven countries.

NEED: Projector, Screen, Electric Outlet

BOOKS: "David Sarnoff Research Center: From RCA Laboratories to Sarnoff Corporation" (Arcadia, 2003), $19.95; "Television: Life Story of a Technology" (Johns Hopkins U. Press, 2007), $27.00

FEE: $150-$250

TRAVEL: Negotiable


Revolutionary War Events - (Talks customized for actions in your specific area.) Presentations based on books include:

"Revolutionary New Jersey" - Towns and Crossroads of the American Revolution. Covers role of over 100 NJ towns in the War

"Searching for Private Yankee Doodle" - Describes the lives of common soldiers in the American Revolution

"The Forgotten Revolution" – The stories of many overlooked and forgotten Revolutionary War sites in the Northeast US

"The War Man" – True story of a soldier who fought from Quebec to Yorktown during the entire 8 years of the War

"The Portrait of an American Family" Study tracing family back 19 generations in Europe and America

Finding and Tracing Revolutionary War Soldiers (Lecture - Genealogical research)

Robert A. Mayers's books are based on research of obscure original sources overlooked earlier historians. As a descendant of Patriot soldier, Corporal John Allison, the Revolution is personal to Bob Mayers. He is an active member of several historical societies and is a frequent speaker and contributor to their publications. His service as a combat officer in both the Navy and Marine Corps provides him with a deeper prospective of the many battles depicted in his work. He is a graduate of Rutgers University and was an adjunct professor at Seton Hall University. The work of Bob Mayers has been featured in History Channel Magazine, Garden State Legacy, Comcast TV programs, the NY Genealogical and Biographical Record and other national media. His speaking events are enjoyed by everyone and just not hardcore history fans. His audiences often comment that they regret that during their school days they tuned out history as distant and dull.

NEED: Screen, Electric Outlet

BOOKS: Visit him at and

FEE: $150-$300

TRAVEL: Unlimited with fee adjustment


“Vulgarly Called the Throat Distemper”: New Jersey’s Two-Century Struggle Against Diphtheria

Dr. Joseph Stickler of Orange: Scarlentina and the Wrath of the Antivivisectionists

Dr. Henry Kesser’s Excellent Adventure: Peter Stuyvesant’s Pegleg

An Ornament to the Profession: New Jersey Doctors and Their Professional Brethren

Ironclad Surgeon: A Newark Doctor’s Civil War

New Jersey Radiology: The First Decade

James Still and the regulars: the struggle for legitimacy (African American healer/NJ)

Newark's Civil War hospital

Pestilence across the Delaware: yellow fever epidemics of the 1790s in New Jersey

 Homeopaths and hydropaths: Holistic health in New Jersey)

Doc Holliday: Dentist at the OK Corral

Mad Hatters, The Radium Girls, and the Asbestos Hotel: Stories of New Jersey Industrial Toxins

Women Doctors, Nurses, and Hospital Administrators in the Civil War (with an emphasis on New Jersey)

Poliomyelitis - Newark 1916: "The Grip of Terror"

Subjects for medical groups also available

Sandra Moss M.D., M.A. (History) is a retired internist with a degree in the history of medicine. My speaking engagements have included the Hermitage, Nassau Club in Princeton, Princeton Historical Society, Institute of New Dimensions in Bergen County, the Medical History Society of New Jersey, the Raritan Yacht Club, the American Osler Society (an organization for historians of medicine), the American Association for the History of Medicine, the annual meeting of New Jersey historians, Newark Historical Society, libraries, community centers, veterans' groups, senior living facilities. My research is focused on the history of medicine in New Jersey and is aimed at both physician audiences and general audiences. I have contributed close to forty articles, chapters, and reviews to a wide variety of medical and historical journals, including several New Jersey history publications, encyclopedias, and Choice Magazine (a resource for academic librarians). I am past president of the Medical History Society of New Jersey and of the American Osler Society. All my presentations include PowerPoint illustrations.

NEED: Projector, Screen, Electric Outlet

BOOKS: I have published four books on the history of medicine in New Jersey (all available at Amazon):

The Country Practitioner: Ellis P. Townsend's Brave Little Medical Journal

Edgar Holden, M.D., of Newark: Provincial Physician on a National Stage

Poliomyelitis: Newark 1916:"The Grip of Terror"

FEE: None

TRAVEL: 10 miles of Metuchen NJ

VIRTUAL: Yes (with computer support from host)

How The Hudson Waterfront Shaped Jersey City Politics

The Real “Stolen Election”: Frank Hague and New Jersey’s 1937 Race for Governor

Bossism & Machine Politics in New Jersey

Political Extremism in America

Joseph M. Murray was born and raised in Jersey City, and later resided in Livingston and Morristown. He earned a dual major BA (English Literature and History) from Jersey City State College, an MA in European History from New York University and a Master’s Certificate in Contract Management from George Washington University. His article "Bosses & Reformers: The Jersey City Victory Movement of 1957" was published in New Jersey History and received the William A. Whitehead Award. 

Subsequent research into Bossism and Machine Politics led to production of documentary films covering New Jersey Boss Frank Hague, the rise of the movement that unseated him, and the complicated Hudson County politics under his Democratic successor, John V. Kenny. Joe collaborates with the New Jersey Room of the Jersey City Public Library, participating in webinars and symposia relating to New Jersey political history. His recent research into New Jersey’s 1937 gubernatorial election led to publication of The Real “Stolen Election”: Frank Hague and New Jersey’s 1937 Race for Governor, in the Winter 2023 issue of New Jersey Studies Journal.

Having lived in Asia for over 25 years, Joe’s business career spans such companies as AT&T, Lucent Technologies, the UK start-up, Sarantel, and Schneider Electric. In 2016, he relocated his family from Singapore to Flower Mound, Texas, where today he operates as a global media talent and vocational historian.

NEED: Complete multi-media presentation requires Projector with HTMI connection, Video Display or Screen and audio system


FEE: $100-$150

TRAVEL: Negotiable



Practical Preservation of Photographs

Document Digitization and ephemera for eternity

Early History of Fairleigh Dickinson University

History of Rutherford New Jersey

History of Photography

Bee Keeping for Preservation and Profit

Practicing Historic Preservation in your community

Recording, Writing and Publishing History

How to Write and Publish History Books with Arcadia and History Press

General Robert Erskine: Mine Master and Mapmaker of the American Revolution

Walking tours of Paterson, Rutherford and New York City

How to Develop an Exciting Walking Tour

Architect Edgar I. Williams his brother the poet Dr. William Carlos Williams and their hometown of Rutherford, NJ

The Assistant Photographer and Commercial Photography as a Career

The Revolutionary War in Southern Bergen County...or not so much

Why and How to Get Involved with Habitat For Humanity.

William “Billy” Neumann is a commercial photographer with 25+ years of competitive experience in NYC while teaching as an Adjunct Professor of Photography with School of Visual Arts. For five years he was chairman of Rutherford’s Historic Preservation Commission, is currently Chair of the Bergen County Historic Preservation Advisory Board, a PNJ Board Member and graduated Drew University’s Historic Preservation Certification Program as a CHP.

Billy is a popular speaker on many topics regarding history, historic preservation, photography, preserving photographic materials, writing and Bergen County. Billy has authored two history books and administers 20 Facebook sites. He produces walking tours through Paterson, NYC and his historic hometown of Rutherford where has lived all his life on the remnant of a large 135 yr old farm 8 miles west of Times Square. He laughs way too much maybe because he sleeps outside on a porch from March to November. Neumann is a 30 yr volunteer for Habitat For Humanity, advocates for public libraries, public radio and arts organizations. He admits to keeping bees and being a love slave to a certain Golden Retriever. His religious believe is that Motown is the ultimate American musical genre and there should be a Tambourine Hall of Fame

NEED: Projector Screen, Electric Outlet

BOOKS: Rutherford: A Brief History (The History Press) , Rutherford: Images of America (Arcadia Pubs.), Revolutionary Bergen County, The Road to Independence (The History Press) 

FEE: $100-$300 negotiable!

TRAVEL: 100 miles of Rutherford, NJ



The Hackensack and Passaic Rivers, history and navigation

Pure Drinking Water for New Jersey

Employing the State of the Art Science of 1876

Jamaica Bay As New York City's Conflicted Backyard: Recreation And Refuse, Transportation And Trash, Wetlands And Wastelands

History of the Montclair and Greenwood Lake Railroad

Kevin Olsen is a lifelong resident of New Jersey and an avid student  of the state's history. He has a Bachelor's degree in chemistry from Plymouth State College of the University System of New Hampshire. He has both an MS degree in chemistry and a PhD in Environmental Management from Montclair State University. Kevin has been a field archaeologist in New Jersey and New York City. He has worked at the Monksville Reservoir in Ringwood, New Jersey, and the Barclay Bank Project in lower Manhattan. 

Kevin is the instrumentation specialist on the support staff of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department of Montclair State University. He is also a member of the university's New Jersey Center for Water Science and Technology where he serves as the analytical chemist and the Go-To person for all historical questions.

NEED: Projector, Screen, Electric Outlet

BOOKS: A Great Conveniency, A Maritime History of the Passaic River,  Hackensack River, and Newark Bay. 

Rails to Sterling Forest: The History of the Erie's Greenwood Lake Division. 

FEE: None

TRAVEL: Northern New Jersey, Central New Jersey, Southern New York State



“Medicinal Plants of the Civil War”
Could plants have played a role in the outcome of the Civil War? Learn how important plants were in every aspect of this conflict, on battlefields and home fronts of both the North and the South. Over 30 plants are discussed, and their medicinal properties explained. The history of patent medicines is explored, and you will meet one of America's most important poets, the first African American physician and the man who revolutionized medical texts. Audiences are often surprised to see how many "Civil War" plants they are already growing, and the haunting historic images create a compelling tale of interest to history buffs as well as gardeners. Lesley is the recipient of the Annual Award for Special Achievement from the North Jersey Civil War Roundtable.

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Early American Women and Their Kitchen Gardens"
Kitchen gardens in the 1700s fed, healed, and clothed Early American families. The 18th century "huswife" skill set included "physicke, cookery, distillation, perfumery, the making of wool, hemp, flax, dayries, brewing, baking," and, of course - gardening. From laundry day to beauty treatments, explore the daily life of colonial and early American women. Learn about heirloom fruits and vegetables, both Old and New world, how to grow and cook them, and how, in doing so, these women turned their soup pots into the "melting pot" that is America. Then, meet some “Real Housewives” who exemplified all the best qualities of plantswomen and patriots.

“We Grew it Here: 100 Years of New Jersey's Horticultural History.”
Think New Jersey only grows tomatoes? Think again. New Jersey was once the pinnacle for peaches, the ultimate for orchids, the tops for turf. 19th century New Jersey plant nurseries led the nation with their innovative breeding, greenhouse, field, and marketing techniques. Meet the horticultural superstars who made New Jersey their home. Impresarios, hermits, academics, politicos, and a cast of unlikely characters will make you a believer - New Jersey is the "Garden State."

Lesley Parness is a public garden professional and garden historian who has worked in Europe and America over the last five decades, teaching horticulture and garden history. Lesley is herself a student of “the Green History of the World,” in which socio-economic and geopolitical forces take the back seat, and plants lead the narrative.

She is a founding member and past President of Garden State Gardens, a consortium of New Jersey's public gardens. Her column, The Garden Historian, is featured bi-monthly in Gardener News Magazine and other writings include print and online garden publications. Lesley was Superintendent of Horticultural Education at the Morris County Park Commission where she oversaw education and interpretation at The Frelinghuysen Arboretum, Willowwood Arboretum, and the Bamboo Brook Outdoor Education Center. Now retired, she is a frequent speaker to garden clubs, plant and historic societies, Master Gardeners, and libraries. Her mission? To connect people and plants with science and story. For a complete list of talks, Lesley’s schedule, and program reviews please visit her website.

NEED: Screen, access to an electrical outlet, and if the room is large, a microphone

FEE: Negotiable

TRAVEL: Just about anywhere


"The Historic Peace Conference of September 11, 1776" Other topics related to central New Jersey American Revolutionary War history may be developed to suit the occasion.

Donald Johnstone Peck is an alumnus of Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana, Class of 1961, with a major in history and French, including additional studies in political science at the Institute of Political Studies of the University of Paris, France, 1960. Graduate studies include French at Columbia University, New York City, 1961 and theology at Drew University, Madison, NJ, 1977. Professionally, President and CEO of The Clausen Company, Inc., Fords, NJ, a leading manufacturer of automotive refinishing products for the automotive aftermarket and Past President of the National Association of Autobody Filler Manufacturers, 1983-1986. Non-professionally, Trustee for the League of New Jersey Historical Societies, immediate Past President of the Raritan-Millstone Heritage Alliance, Inc., Somerset, NJ, Life member and President Emeritus of the Proprietary House Association, Perth Amboy, NJ, member of The Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of New Jersey

NEED: Lectern

BOOKS: "An American Journey of Hope," "A Spirited War," "General Joseph Bloomfield - A Revolutionary Life," all published by American History Press

FEE: Negotiable

TRAVEL: 50 miles of Fords, NJ; further with expenses


David Brearley, 1745-1790, NJ signer of the Constitution

Tom Pyle

Princeton University AB, American History, 1976

Treasurer, Princeton Battlefield Society

Senior Deacon, Mercer Lodge No. 50, NJ Free & Accepted Masons

Former banker and business executive

NEED: Lectern, Electric Outlet

FEE: Negotiable

TRAVEL: 50 miles of Princeton, NJ



The Skirt and stocking clad soldier: Women join the military in WWII

The Cold War Homefront and Defenses: Nuclear Missiles in your backyard

Roosevelt’s Tree Army: The History of the Civilian Conservation Corps

Shipwrecks and Lifesavers: the History of the Coast Guard's predecessor organizations

Thunder on the Beach: Sandy Hook Proving Ground

Women Lighthouse Keepers

America's National Parks

Christmas in WWII or WWII Homefront

Preserving Your Family's Artifacts

The Smallest War Hero: the US Army Pigeon Service

Mary Rasa is a historian who worked as a museum curator and park ranger for the National Park Service for 16 years. She holds a BA in Historic Preservation and a Masters in Library Science. She conducted over one thousand programs for audiences from school children to academic and professional conferences, seniors groups and historic societies. She currently conducts historic programs as well as completing grants, research and exhibit work for local organizations as an independent contractor.


FEE: $125

The George Washington Bridge, Poetry in Steel

Looking for America on the New Jersey Turnpike

Showshoeing Through Sewers (Jersey adventures)

The Jews of New Jersey: A Pictorial History

After a career in the diplomatic service Michael Aaron Rockland joined Rutgers as a dean and later the founder and chair of the American Studies Department, where he is a full professor. He is the author of sixteen books and some sixty feature stories for New Jersey Monthly magazine. He has had five Fulbright distinguished lectureships and spoken in some 28 countries abroad and is a  recipient of the Governor Richard J. Hughes Award for "a lifetime of contributions to New Jersey history and culture." 

NEED: Lectern, Electric Outlet

BOOKS: All of my books on New Jersey are available for puchase at my talks. 1) G.W.B. book, $30 2) Turnpike book, $25, 3) Adventure book, $20 4) Jews of New Jersey $25.

FEE: $300 minimum

TRAVEL: 100 of Morristown, NJ


"We Are Present and Future Women: Freehold Young Ladies Seminary 1845-1892"

"Just In From Ireland: Indentured Servitude in Monmouth County 1750 - 1850"

"Micah Williams, Portrait Artist"

"Freehold Industry: The A & M Karagheusian Rug Mill 1908 - 1961"

"Julia's Wardrobe: One Woman's Fashion in 1868"

"On the Edge of War: Monmouth Before the Revolution"

"History of the Monmouth County Historical Association 1898-2023."

Bernadette Rogoff, Director of Collections of the Monmouth County Historical Association, has produced more than 45 changing exhibitions since 1992. She has lectured at the American Folk Art Museum, Princeton Art Museum, Colonial Williamsburg, Historic Morven, and at the New Jersey History Conferences. Rogoff is a recognized expert in historic fashion and textiles and has consulted with regional historic societies.

NEED: Screen, Electrical Outlet, Computer Projector, Lectern

BOOKS: "Micah Williams: Portrait Artist" exhibition catalogue

FEE: $150-$300

TRAVEL: Flexible depending on distance; expenses commensurate with distance


PHONE: (732) 462-1466 ext. 17


American Civil War Medicine

History of Medicine c. 1860s

Herbal Medicine

Yusuf JP Saleeby, MD is an historical researcher on medicine and surgery during the American Civil War; and also lecture on luminaries in medicine during that time: Drs. Hunter H. McGuire (CSA); Simon Baruch (CSA); P F Porcher (CSA); Jonathan Letterman (US): Alex Hammond (US); others.

Also lectures on Herbal medicine (then and now) and Functional (FxMed) & Integrative Medicine.

NEED: Projector, Screen, Electric Outlet

BOOKS: I have authored a book on Adaptogen Herbs. "Wonder Herbs: A guide to three adaptogens" (Xlibris, 2006)

FEE: Negotiable

TRAVEL: Depends on distance from South Carolina

VIRTUAL: Possibly

19th Century New Jersey Photographers (customized by county or city)

19th Century NJ Women Photographers

The Blues Scene in the Delaware Valley

A complete list of lectures is available on 

Gary D. Saretzky, archivist, educator, and photographer, was Archivist of Monmouth County (1994-2019) and Coordinator, Internship Programs, Rutgers-New Brunswick History Department (1994-2016). Saretzky taught the history of photography course at Mercer County Community College (1977-2012) and has been researching 19th century New Jersey photographers for more than thirty years. He has published more than 100 articles, reviews, and exhibition catalogs on conservation of library materials, history of photography, and New Jersey history, and has lectured regularly under the auspices of the New Jersey Council for the Humanities (2003-2020) and other organizations.

NEED: Screen, Lectern Electric Outlet, Enthusiastic audience, any size.

FEE: Negotiable

TRAVEL: New Jersey; Travel Expenses Depending on Distance from Lawrenceville, NJ 


Food and history, with an emphasis on wedding food rituals

History of American cook books

History of American dining habits

American dining etiquette

American women's domestic roles.

Claire Stewart graduated from the Culinary Institute of America, and worked as a professional chef for over twenty-five years. She was chef tournant at Rainbow Room, as well as executive sous chef at the Yale Club of New York City. She was executive chef of the Continental Club, and a chef to NYC's first family at Gracie Mansion. Stewart is an associate professor, teaching culinary arts, at New York City College of Technology, City University of New York. 

NEED: Screen, Electric Outlet

BOOKS: As Long as We Both Shall Eat : A History of Wedding Food and Feasts (author) $31.00

Savoring Gotham: A Food Lover's Guide to New York City (contributor) $15.00

We eat What? A Cultural Encyclopedia of Unusual Foods in the U.S. (contributor)  

Consumption and the Literary Cookbook (contributor) 

FEE: Negotiable

TRAVEL: 10 miles


War of 1812 and New Jersey

Embargo of 1807-09

Jewish farmers, anti-immigrant and anti-Irish Catholic political movements in NJ

1830-1870, and arrival of the Irish and the nativists respond, 1820-52

NJ aid to Ireland during the Great Hunger

Harvey Strum is a professor of history and pol sci at Sage College of Albany 29 years. Given talks on the War of 1812 and anti-Catholic politcal movements at Kean U and at Drivers Museum. Written articles about embargo, War of 1812, NJ in 1790d, and anti-immigrant political movements. Most recent article will appear as chapter 2 in History of Catholicism in NJ. Previous articles on NJ in NJ History, Cape May Magazine, Encyclopedia of NJ History, North Jersey Highlander, Princeton Recollector and Atlantic County History Society Yearbook.

NEED: Lectern

FEE: $100 minimum

TRAVEL: 250 miles of Albany NY


Stranger Stop and Cast an Eye: An Introduction to New Jersey's Historical Burial Grounds

"A Monument to Fallen Royalty": Rediscovering Joseph Bonapartes Point Breeze Estate in Bordentown, New Jersey

Archaeology and the Delaware Indians, a 12,000 year Odyssey; Envisioning New Jersey: A New (Visual) History of the Garden State

"Fever!" The History and Archaeology of the Philadelphia Lazaretto, a Precursor to Ellis Island

Cannons by the Courthouse: Memory, Commemoration and the Material Culture of Conflict in Modern Suburbia

Richard Veit, Ph.D. is Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs in the Wayne D. McMurray School of Humanities and Social Sciences and Professor of Anthropology at Monmouth University. Rich is a North American historical archaeologist whose research focuses on the Middle Atlantic Region between the late 17th and early 19th centuries. His work focuses on commemoration, symbolism, vernacular architecture, and military sites archaeology. He has authored or co-authored numerous articles and reviews and eight books including Digging New Jersey’s Past: Historical Archaeology in the Garden State (Rutgers Press 2002), New Jersey Cemeteries and Tombstones History in the Landscape (co-authored by Mark Nonestied, Rutgers Press 2008), and New Jersey: A History of the Garden State (co-authored with Maxine Lurie, Rutgers Press 2012). In 2007 he was the recipient of Monmouth University’s distinguished teacher award. He regularly presents on topics relating to historical archaeology and New Jersey history and has been a TED speaker.

NEED: Screen, Electric Outlet

FEE: $200-$300

TRAVEL: 100 miles of South Plainfield, NJ



Individual programs are available that focus on the major cultural events of a given year between 1960 and 1974. The presentation for 1960, for example includes the Cold War, Television, Presidential race, African Countries Independence, Civil Rights, Elvis, Ali, The Beatles, The Pill, The Twist and Playboy. Also available is a talk 1980: Jimmy Carter’s Problems, Afghanistan, Iran, Inflation, The Miracle On Ice. 

Other topics include: The Early Days Of Radio; The Early Days Of Television; Title IX, June 23, 1972 (equal access by women to college education); 1919: The World Series Is Fixed; American Territories; The Super Bowl; George Washington in Barbados; Presidential Impact on Sports; Women In Sports; Why America Has Cajun Culture; The Politics Of Sports Business; Football In America; Do Athletes’ Protesting Social Issues Have An Impact On Society; Ted Turner; The Space Race; Baseball In The American Culture, Literature, Song, Movies; How Westchester County, NY Provided A Launching Pad For The Sport of Golf; The Olympics In Europe, 1936 And 1972 And Its Global Non-Sports Impact; Florida: The Beatles Meet Cassius Clay

For full details, click on the "Website" button below.

Evan Weiner is an award-winning journalist and recognized global expert of the "Politics of Sports Business". He has a daily video podcast called The Politics of Sports Business. In the United States, he has been a radio commentator, TV pundit on MSNBC, and ABC. He is also an author of 11 books and is a frequent college speaker. He has been a regular on BBC radio as well as Talk Sport London and has been quoted in Bolivian and Australian newspapers. From 1988 until 1992, Evan was a member of the Minnesota North Stars radio broadcast team. In 2007, Evan was selected by the United States Department of State to speak at Texas A & M -George Bush Presidential Library to explain how the American government partners with sports addressing 16 hand selected foreign nationals. He won the 2010 Ronald Reagan Media Award from the United States Sports Academy. In 2015, Evan was featured on the documentary, “The Sons of Ben" about the economic fall of Chester, Pennsylvania and how the city thought a soccer team would be a key to economic revival.

NEED: Lectern

FEE: Negotiable

TRAVEL: 50 miles of Mount Vernon, NY


A History of the White House: America’s Executive Mansion

White House Pets and Pests

Stories from the Mayflower: What Were They Thinking?

Samoset, Squanto and Massasoit: The Wampanoags Who Saved the Pilgrims

Patricia Wells is an educator, historian, and popular speaker who takes great pleasure in sharing her love of history with anyone who will listen. Since retiring she has become deeply involved in the Chatham Township Historical Society, and researching local history and favorite subjects – the White House, the Pilgrims, and the Revolutionary War. She lives in a house built before Washington set foot in New Jersey.

NEED: Projector Screen, Lectern, Electrical Outlet

FEE: $150

TRAVEL: Morris, Sussex, Passaic, Essex, Union, Somerset, Hunterdon, Warren, & Middlesex counties


New Jersey and the War of Independence

1st and 2nd New Jersey Cavalry, Civil War

Joseph Wroblewski

Doctorate in Education, Retired Social Studies Teacher; volunteer docent Morven Museum, Princeton

NEED: Projector, Screen, Electric Outlet

FEE: None

TRAVEL: 50 miles of Hamilton Township, NJ



The Roebling Legacy, one of New Jersey's great stories and a chronicle of America's industrial age: the Roebling family's saga of building the Brooklyn Bridge; the phenomenal growth of the John A. Roebling Son's Company in Trenton manufacturing products that helped shape modern life; building the great cables on the George Washington and Golden Gate Bridges; creating the Mercer, "America's first sports car," and the model company town of Roebling, N.J.; the adaptation of Roebling mills for new uses in Trenton; and the new Roebling Museum.

Clifford Zink is an historian and preservation consultant based in Princeton, N.J. He received the 2012 New Jersey Authors Award in popular non-fiction from the N.J. Studies Academic Alliance for his book, The Roebling Legacy. In 2011 he received the John A. Roebling Award from the Society for Industrial Archaeology's Roebling Chapter for an outstanding contribution to documenting or preserving the industrial heritage of the greater New York-New Jersey area. Mr. Zink specializes in architectural, industrial, engineering, and landscape history. He has served as consulting curator at the Roebling Museum, and wrote and directed its orientation film, Roebling Stories. His other books include: Natural Beauty: Somerset County Parks, which received an Agency Showcase Award from the N.J. Parks & Recreation Association; The Monmouth County Park System: The First Fifty Years; The Hackensack Water Works; and Spanning the Industrial Age: The John A. Roebling's Sons Company, Trenton, N.J.

NEED: Projector, Screen, Electric Outlet

BOOKS: The Roebling Legacy, Princeton Landmark Publications, $25.

FEE: Negotiable



Baseball History: Early New Jersey Baseball: 1855 to 1880

Brooklyn Dodgers History

New Jersey and the Civil War

The Collections of the New Jersey Historical Society

Since 2007 John Zinn has been an independent historian with a special interest in baseball history and the Civil War. He holds BA and MBA degrees from Rutgers University. John is the chairman of the board of the New Jersey Historical Society and was the chair of New Jersey's Civil War 150th Anniversary Committee. He is a Vietnam veteran. 

NEED: None

BOOKS: The Mutinous Regiment: The Thirty-Third New Jersey in the Civil War

The Major League Pennant Races of 1916

Ebbets Field: Essays and Memories of Brooklyn's Historic Ballpark

Charles Ebbets: The Man Behind the Dodgers and Brooklyn's Beloved Ballpark

A Cradle of the National Pastime: New Jersey Baseball 1855 to 1880 

FEE: $100-$150 

TRAVEL: Pretty much the entire state - the further from North Jersey, some payment for travel expenses would be helpful


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 Melissa Ziobro is the Specialist Professor of Public History and the primary point of contact for the public history minor. Her service to the University includes administration of the Monmouth Memories Oral History Program and the Department’s social media and newsletter. She serves as the campus coordinator for the National History Day program, and the faculty advisor for the History and Anthropology Club.

Melissa currently serves as the President of Oral History in the Mid-Atlantic Region and as the editor for New Jersey Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, a joint venture of the NJ Historical Commission, Rutgers University Libraries, and Monmouth University. She works regularly with public history organizations such as the Ocean County Historical Society, NJ Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation, Preservation NJ, InfoAge Science History Learning Center and Museum, Monmouth County Park System, Monmouth County Historical Association, Monmouth County Historical Commission, Middlesex County Office of Culture and Heritage, National Guard Militia Museum of NJ, and more.

She worked as a command historian at the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command, Fort Monmouth, NJ from 2004-2011.

NEED: None; I can provide a complete audio visual presentation if facilities are available/if desired. 


FEE: $100-$150

TRAVEL: Negotiable