On the drizzly evening of February 6, 1951, the Pennsylvania Railroad commuter train known as “The Broker” derailed in Woodbridge, New Jersey, killing 85 and injuring hundreds in what remains the deadliest railroad accident in the state’s history. What happened was obvious; why it happened was another story...

Communities all along the Jersey Shore were shaken by the sudden and violent loss of family and friends as tales of tragedy and heroism emerged from the muddy embankment along Woodbridge Township's gritty working class Fulton Street neighborhood. Next would come the investigations that would take a deep dive into the workings of a company that billed itself as "The Standard Railroad of the World."

Drawn from contemporary accounts, investigation transcripts, and recent interviews with those whose lives were forever changed, Gordon Bond's book MAN FAILURE puts the reader at the center of the story—from the gripping human dramas of survivors, rescuers, and families who lost loved ones, to the controversies surrounding the investigations trying to get to the bottom of a tragedy that still haunts those who experienced it.

First published in 2017, this 2021 Second Edition includes an appendix of new stories and photos shared with Gordon Bond after the first edition had been published—many of which has never before been seen by the public!

Second Edition published by Garden State Legacy, 2021
ISBN 978-0-578-92919-4

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Watch the Documentary...

Created by Tom Lynskey of HFX Studios for his YouTube documentary channel, Part-Time Explorer, and based on my book, "Man Failure: The Story of New Jersey's Deadliest Train Wreck," this video uses custom CGI animation, funded by the Historical Association of Woodbridge Township, to explain what happened in greater detail than was possible even for the investigators in 1951. Through analysis and commentary by rail historian John Turkeli and Association president Daniel D'Arcy (and others), along with a first-hand account from survivor John Ryan, we remember those who perished, honor those who helped, and acknowledge the scars of those who survived or bore witness.

Program Available!

"Man Failure" author, Gordon Bond, is available for in-person* and virtual presentations about his book for history groups, libraries, civic groups, etc.